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Kitchen & Bathroom Design in College Station, TX

Kitchens and bathrooms are focal points of the home. These spaces can make or break a cohesive home design. At Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home we can help upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, making it beautiful and functional. Our expert team is well versed in kitchen and bathroom flooring, countertops, backsplashes, trending colors, and more.


Today’s trends change often but keeping your home looking its best while adding a couple trends is possible. By investing in new light fixtures with metal or wood accents, you can keep your home updated. Another popular trend is the addition of wallpaper. Adding a wall with a bright or muted pattern will make your home even more design focused.


Countertops for Kitchen & Bath

Your countertops are an essential component of a stylish, stunning space. We're your local countertop expert, offering all the best countertop brands and complete fabrication and installation services.


You'll find it all right here, including the hottest countertop looks in butcher block, granite, laminate, and more. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring


Flooring in your kitchen or bathroom should withstand excessive amounts of traffic, water, spills, and accidents. With constant people coming in and out, there’s no telling what could happen. Durability is key when choosing kitchen and bathroom flooring. Two options that are incredibly strong and sturdy are vinyl flooring and tile flooring.


Tile Backsplashes & Wall Tile


In addition to upgrading your kitchen or bathroom flooring, installing a new tile backsplash is a home enhancement you won’t regret. A tile backsplash is the perfect way to increase the luxurious feel in your home while adding functionality. Tile varies in style so no matter your preferences, there is a tile style out there that’s made just for you. Tile is easy to clean and maintain, so when accidents happen in your home, you can clean up quickly and easily.


When you cook, splatters, spills, and accidents can happen and cause damage to the surrounding areas. With a kitchen tile backsplash, you don’t have to worry about the walls being exposed to issues that can occur. In bathrooms, high moisture levels are common, but with a tile backsplash, walls are protected. Overall, tile provides an excellent way to solve the problem of scrubbing walls and excessive moisture.


A simple enhancement to your kitchen or bathroom, tile backsplash can give you the space of which you have always dreamed. Whether you want a traditional subway tile or depth in your design using a combination of tiles, we have exactly what you’re looking for.


Expressing your personality is easily done when it comes to using tile for a backsplash. If you love bold, bright colors and elegance, choose your favorite color. If you prefer traditional design, select a more neutral color that can adapt to any décor. Whatever you choose, know that you can create a completely custom backsplash with tile, allowing a unique feature in your home unlike any other.


Tile’s vertical superpowers aren’t limited to your backsplash. Wall tiles are one of the most popular products in today’s home renovation market because they are versatile, easy to maintain, and can elevate the look of your space.


Wall tile is incredibly versatile, which is why it can be installed in so many areas of your home. One popular area for wall tile is your bathroom. Custom tile showers can be the focal point of your space, and you can choose wall tiles to cover your shower walls and upgrade your space. From a design standpoint, installing tile all the way up the wall makes the space feel luxurious and extravagant.


Custom Showers


Creating a bathroom that’s as gorgeous as it is comforting is not always easy, but with a custom shower, it can be done. When you invest in a custom shower, you’ll add real estate value to your home, a personalized touch to your bathroom, and an easier maintenance schedule.


Bathrooms require waterproof materials due to their high moisture from showers, baths, and sinks. Tile is ideal for bathrooms because it keeps water from affecting the surrounding walls. A custom tile shower provides walls protection from moisture. As a result, homeowners avoid the possibility of water damage beyond the surface. A tiled shower doesn’t require constant cleaning, only occasional cleaning of the tile and grout lines. Scrubbing is only necessary when you see fit. When you consider a custom tile shower, remember that your investment should be one that you love and cherish for years to come.


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At Aggieland Carpet One we offer an eclectic selection of tile and stone flooring, porcelain wood tile, ceramic stone tile, porcelain stone tile, ceramic stone tile, mosaic tile, tumbled marble, travertine tile, slate tile, polished marble, granite, and so much more. You’ll love our kitchen and bathroom renovation options, which can be readily customized to accommodate your style. Visit us soon in College Station, TX, to learn more. 



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Schluter Shower Systems


We’re proud to offer and install Schluter Shower Systems: a leak-proof, mold-resistant system that we have had unprecedented success.




Professional Design Services


When it comes to putting a cohesive home remodel together or even upgrading a room, multiple facets must unite so it’s both visually appealing and functional for your needs. Our professional designers can collaborate with you on your upcoming kitchen or bath project.



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At Aggieland Carpet One we offer a large selection of many different types of Tile and Stone Flooring. We carry Porcelain Wood Tile, Ceramic Stone Tile, Porcelain Stone Tile, Mosaics, Tumbled Marble, Travertine Tile, Slate Tile, Polished Marble, Granite Tile, and so much more! Visit us TODAY!



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