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custom stair runner

Custom Stair Runners

Custom Stair Runners


Carpeting is a beloved comfort of home, so naturally, we’re drawn to it in the spaces where life’s ups and downs come into regular play. Our stairways are prone to heavy traffic and wear, making it essential to outfit them in softness and style. Stair runners provide an outstanding solution to these particular challenges while getting a firm grip on household safety.



At Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home in College Station, TX, we’re your local source for safer stair solutions. With our vast range of carpeting products and remnants, we have just what you need to create a customize stair runner you and your family will love.


Stair Runner Design & Installation


Did you know that pretty much any product in our carpet inventory can be used on stairs? Our expert installers can customize the perfect fit for you every time. Whether you’re drawn to vivid colors, lush patterns, or pleasant and neutral Berbers, we can help you create and customize your softened stairs. 


Safer Stair Runners


One of our favorite “perks” of custom stair runners is fully practical. Carpeting provides reliable traction, and adding a stair runner will make your spaces a lot safer. If you have wooden floors in your home, we don’t have to tell you that things can get hazardous during the rainy season. Kids and grandparents alike can appreciate a subtle or stylish staircase with added peace of mind.


Softer Stairs & Radiant Runners


Life’s ups and downs can challenge us, but having a cushioned landing spot goes a long way, indeed. For those of us with hard-surface flooring, our staircases can present a daily puzzle. Our professional team has just the solution with our brilliant array of stair runner options. Offering ongoing style and serious softness, our recent stair runner installations are customer tested and customer approved! Want to learn more about making your stairs softer, safer, and inherently stunning? Visit Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home and prepare to get inspired.


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Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of the world’s most expansive independent flooring cooperative. Our carpeting collection is continually growing, making it easy to create staircases that stand apart. Please visit us soon at 4093 State Highway 6 South in College Station, TX to learn more or schedule a free project estimate.


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