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Carpet in College Station, TX

Are you seeking flooring with unlimited potential? Carpeting is one of the coziest ways to floor – and one of the most popular, as well. At Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home of College Station, TX, we have the best carpeting and we’re always eager to share our extensive knowledge.


Today’s carpet comes in every color and pattern imaginable, making it a smart choice for any type of interior setting. It’s easy to install and complements residential and commercial spaces, alike, regardless of décor preference, lifestyles, and budgets. Considering carpet installation? Read on.


What Types of Carpeting Are There?


Carpet brings options for all, regardless of your needs. Carpeting can keep out stains and keep allergens in and stand up to the heaviest foot traffic, even on your stairs.  Often called pile, your carpet’s fibers will determine density and performance rating.

Your Carpet’s Construction


You’ll find high, medium, and low carpet piles when you shop through our selection. You’ll also find shag and frieze carpets, which have deep piles that are cozy and soft underfoot. We have cut piles, loop piles, and cut loop constructions. Cut piles are sheered at the top while loop piles are rewoven into the backing. Cut loop carpets feature both to create dynamic textures and patterns.


There are advantages to different pile constructions, for instance low pile carpets are fast-drying and easy to clean. They’re ideal in commercial settings and playrooms. You’ll also find trendy, unique carpet patterns in our showroom, like animal prints, including zebra and leopard patterns.


Benefits of Carpet


Carpet brings its wonderful qualities to home or to your office. Your feet will stay warm on cooler days - and cool on warmer days, effectively cutting utility costs. Carpet is all about adding ongoing value, while always staying in style.


Area Rugs: A Smart Alternative


Area rugs add decorative detail to your space. They can beautifully tie a room’s aesthetic together, while promoting a professional atmosphere in any work setting. We have an impressive inventory of pre-made rugs from the best rug brands on the market. You’ll find a lovely variety of designs and fiber types, including:

Carpet Runners


In addition to design value, rugs also help protect your hard surface floors from furniture dents and foot traffic, and they add a warm, cozy touch to your space. If you need a larger rug for your downtown office foyer, or a unique accent for your home den, trust our experts. From beautiful classic beige rugs to luxuriously soft rugs that are comfortable underfoot, we can a product you’ll love. If your goal is to find an affordable rug, you can also make a custom piece from our carpet remnant selection.


Our Carpet Collection


At Aggieland Carpet One, we carry the best carpeting, including Carpet One Floor & Home exclusives that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Let our expertise help you find your perfect match. To learn more, please visit us soon at 4093 State Highway 6 South in College Station, TX. 


Learn More About Carpet


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Care for Carpet


You’ve found the perfect carpet, and naturally, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. With these simple steps, your rug will stay beautiful for years.