• Aug 01, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Black-Eyed Susan

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A classic and simple summer bloom, the black-eyed susan adds a bright splash of color to your space. The black and yellow color combination is easy to incorporate into your home decor. Choose a bright yellow shade and pair it with black furnishings and accents to create an eclectic and comfortable design. Keep it fresh by adding some white. Just like the flower, a black-eyed susan room is sure to make you smile.



Every good room design needs accessories. To incorporate the black-eyed susan, simply add a throw pillow or incorporate an area rug that features the colors yellow and black. Watch as the room quickly transforms before your eyes.

Black-Eyed Susan Product Pick: An easy addition, the Linen Damask Print Yellow and Black pillow from Pillow Décor is light and pretty.


Use Patterns

In any design inspired by a flower, it is important to incorporate different colors and patterns. Using yellow and black as your guide, introduce a flowery pattern to the room to complete the effect. Featuring the pattern on an accent wall or decorative pillow can take the room to a whole new level.


Be Creative

Just because the room is inspired by the black-eyed susan, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be covered in them. There are many ways to play with color and use decor to incorporate different aspects of the flower you love.

For more home design inspiration, visit our Pinterest page.


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