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Baroque Hardwood

Baroque Flooring is known for making their products affordable and accessible to everyone. Their floors comes in a wide range of styles such as classic and contemporary. Baroque has this ability because they own their forests and manufacturing facilities, meaning they can offer their flooring at the lowest possible price to a select group of flooring dealers like us at Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home in College Station, TX.

Baroque hardwood flooring

Baroque’s collection includes different colors, styles and even different species that vary in characteristics. You can choose from solid hardwood or engineered hardwood options, both of which come in similar styles. All are as tough as they are beautiful due to a protective finish filled with millions of microscopic particles of aluminum oxide, a substance almost as hard as diamonds, that makes the floors extremely resistant to scratching and wear.  Baroques hardwood flooring comes in many styles, and different collections feature different plank widths. Choose a narrower width for a more classic, traditional look, or go wider for a more dramatic and fashion-forward one. All of their hardwood flooring comes in random length planks, which means you get a mix of different lengths within every box, creating a more natural, less repetitive look on your floor.

Hardwood adds value to your home, and is a time-tested durable flooring option. It also adds style and class to your home. We offer hardwood options that comes in all kinds of styles for you to choose from, and we can help you find the best hardwood for your home that matches your decor and your personal style.

If you are interested in new hardwood flooring for your home, we encourage you to stop by our showroom and explore our collection of Baroque hardwood floors.

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